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Woundad™ Topical Solution - Pint

Product Code: 01-2512
BRAND: Woundade, Inc
Item #: 01-2512
Woundad™ Topical Solution - Pint

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Woundade™ Topical Solution (Red Label) is a novel and unique wound healing solution that rapidly promotes healing of wounds that fail to heal by conventional therapies.

Woundade has been tested and proven to be efficacious by veterinary clinicians on spontaneous wounds of small and large animals, primarily Thoroughbred horses, for more than 30 years.

Monosaccharide sugars, sodium chloride, natural trace essential minerals from sea salts, buffered with sodium salts of organic acids and purified water.

This nutritional solution for wound healing is based on research which showed normal or beneficial bacteria of the skin and mucous membranes inhibit pathogenic bacteria. It was demonstrated that monosaccharide sugars and their metabolites were involved with this natural inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by the normal bacterial flora. (1) Further research showed that monosaccharide sugars and their metabolites seemingly increased vascularization and circulation to injured tissues and significantly accelerated the healing of wounds. (2) Recent research by other workers has confirmed that specific sugars can indeed prevent pathogenic bacteria from infecting mucosal and epithelial cells(3) and significantly stimulate wound healing. (4)Woundade can be applied to wounds of all types.

Woundade can be applied to wounds of all types including burns, surgical incisions, cuts and trauma, and can be applied to the skin, oral mucosa, gingiva, cornea and mucous membranes of the eyes, subcutaneous tissues and muscles. Apply Woundade immediately after an injury, especially wounds caused by burns. Also, Woundade may be used to accelerate the healing of infected and chronic wounds. In chronic wounds, there may be excessive granulation tissue which should be surgically removed, and then apply Woundade immediately to the fresh wound.

Dosage and administration:
Apply Woundade two to three times daily. For more rapid healing of fresh wounds, Woundade may be applied more often. Woundade may be used with or without bandages. For optimal healing, the wound should be left open to fresh air, cleansed and debrided only with sterile water or saline. Woundade has been formulated to be used alone on wounds and should not be used with any other material that may inhibit wound healing or promote super-bacterial infections.

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Additional Information

Size 16 oz