BRAND: McCauley's® Equine Formulas

McCauley's® Top Breeder™ Feed - 50 lbs


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Protein 14% - Fat 8%- Fiber 12%

Form: Cubed

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McCauley's® Top Breeder™ is a pelleted oat-based feed to rapidly improve hair coat and body condition.

Protein 14% - Fat 8% - Fiber 12%
Form: Cube (1/2" diameter)

Formulated for: For a range of classes of horses including: Weanlings, Yearlings, Two Year Olds, Stallions, Breeding Mares and Horses in Work (Light, Moderate or Heavy).


    • High levels of useable energy
    • Highly palatable and digestible
    • High fat content. All from vegetable sources.
    • Contains flaxseed and stabilized rice bran
    • High amount of beet pulp
    • Designed to promote normal gut function
    • Fully fortified and balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals
    • Triple recleaned, heavy (42+ lb/bu) oats
    • Corn free from aflatoxins and fumonisins
    • Pure cane molasses
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SIZE 50 lb
Item 61-M028