Halter Fit Chart

Types of Halters:

Turnout Halters - Single buckle crown (attaches to buckle on the left side), flat throat, regular nose. Choice of Adjustable or English Chin Do have options with throat latch snaps.

Sale Halters - Double buckle crown, rolled throat, dark brown oiled leather. Choice of Regular Nose or Triple Stitched Nose. Choice of Adjustable or English Chin

Halter Features:

Double Buckle Crown Adjustable piece behind the ears Adjustable Chin - has a buckle on the chin strap to make the chin adjustable for a better fitting halter. English (Non-adjustable Chin) -has a ring that lays flat under the chin and can not be adjusted around the mouth. 

Regular Nose - Flat, unlined nose

Triple Stitched Nose - Three lines of stitching on the nose, doesn't add to the durability of the halter, Just more aesthetically pleasing. Most common style 

We believe a properly fit halter is as important as the leather quality for a lasting halter.
We recommend if you have not purchased halters from us before to refer to the Halter Size Chart to compare our sizing to a halter you already have.
Keep in mind most of our halters do not have a throat latch snap. Options under the Menu Category "Halters with Throat Snaps".

Halter Fit Chart