BRAND: Bimeda®

Tandem™ Oral Joint - 2.4 kg (5.28 lb)

Tandem™ Oral Equine Joint Supplement contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondrotin and is given to horses in training, following joint or polyglycon injections and post-arthoscopic produres. Also for:
  • Young and developing horses
  • To support joint health during training and competition
  • To help maintain mobility in senior horses
Tandem Oral helps normalize the synovial fluid by improving viscoelasticity, providing structural lubrication and reducing enzymatic degradation.


  • Helps maintain joint health in young and developing horses, as well as senior horses
  • Supports joint health during training and competition
  • Use in conjunction with Polyglycan® Sterile Solution to support the joint function
  • Granules which can be sprinkled on food or given directly
Initial Dosing: Feed 1 scoop twice daily for 30 days. Finish remainder of product at 1 scoop per day.
Maintenance Dosing: Feed 1 scoop per day.

Each 20 gram supplied scoop contains:
25 mg Hyaluronic Acid
500 mg Chondrotin Sulfate
500 mg N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine

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Size 2.6 TO 5 LB
Item 11-0011