Mare's Match® Milk Replacer - 20 lbs

Mare’s Match® Milk Replacer is made with high quality milk protein and fat levels, providing the nutrition your foals need to reach their maximum potential when the mare is unable to produce for the foal.

Mare's Match is a milk-based supplement that is designed to provide your young foals and weanling horses with a palatable, scientific nutrition that’s part of a flexible and successful nutritional feeding program. Powder contains 26% protein from high quality milk as well as phosphorus and trace minerals that will aid in structural growth. Feed Mare's Match Foal Milk Transition Powder to provide a nutritional boost for maximum foal growth and aid in the transition from milk to grain.

Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer feeding program:
For optimum results, insure that foals receive at least two quarts of colostrum immediately following birth. Then begin feeding Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer and transition to Mare’s Match® foal milk transition pellets during weeks 6 through 8.

Through all periods, mix 0.25 pound foal milk replacer powder in one quart of 110-120 degree Fahrenheit water. Feed mixed milk replacer at 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit. Completely sanitize feeding equipment after each feeding and reseal package between feedings to maintain freshness.

Suggested Feeding Program

Age of Foal Number of Feedings Per Day Feeding Rates Per Foal Daily, Quarts*
1 Day - Colostrum
2-7 Days** 4 4-8
2nd Week 4 6-12
3rd and 4th Week 3 8-15
5th Week 3 6-12
6th - 8th Week 2 4-8
*Higher feeding rates are designed for larger foals where maximum growth rate is desired. Ponies should be fed at ½ the lowest feeding rate for each age period.

**Begin feeding in small amounts a high quality foal creep ration and fresh, clean water at all times. Gradually increase feeding rate over time.

For best results, feed foals Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer for the first 8 weeks and transition to Mare’s Match® foal milk transition pellets to ease the stress of weaning.

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